I am a Mom

Welcome to The Mother’s Advocacy Project, where we value the role mothers play in the lives of their families.

  • Are you overwhelmed with issues going on with your children?

  • Do you never have enough money?

  • Do you constantly worry about where you and your kids will sleep?

  • Do you have past experiences that seem to never leave you alone?

  • Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness?

  • Do you feel alone and feel like you have no one on your side? 

  • Do you fear that DFCS will take your children with one wrong move?

Regardless of what brought you here today, we would love to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What does this cost me?

Our program is FREE.

2.      I don’t have reliable transportation. How will I get to you?

We are able to help with transportation if that is the factor holding you back from pursuing a better life for you and your family.

3.      What is the time commitment?

The program is 16 weeks and during that time, you will come anywhere from 4-6 hours per week depending on what classes you select!

4.      What’s the catch? It seems too good to be true.

There is no catch. We just believe in you and we believe in moms! We want you to be healthy, so you can raise healthy children. We just need you to WANT IT and WORK HARD for your own growth!

What can I expect?

Social Support - Working through materials and life skills with other moms in your group, help with finding a job, identifying sustainable housing and more.

Therapy - Individual therapy for you to talk about your story, your pain, and your celebrations. Group therapy can be chosen as well, if you wish to explore your traumatic experiences in a deeper way with others.

Education - In a weekly group, you will participate in SafeCare© parenting classes and life skills classes (i.e financial competence, stress management, critical thinking, and personal crisis/safety plans).

Participatory Arts - we will provide the opportunity to receive a scholarships to participate in a community classes such as martial arts, yoga, and dance.