I am a Social Worker

Thank you for your interest in the Foster Care Alliance’s program, The Mother’s Advocacy Project! You will find some basic information about our program on this page, however, if you have specific questions we would be happy to talk with you. Feel free to contact our Director of Client Engagement, Autumn.

We believe that Social Workers are some of the most hard working and selfless people. We believe that you are the catalyst for change in the lives of families in need. And we want to support you in your work. So, here is what we provide and how we can help make your job (a little) easier.

Social Support - we will help your clients with finding new communities of support, enroll in GED programs, apply for jobs, find sustainable housing and more.

Trauma Assessments and Therapy - we will provide your clients with timely and thorough parental fitness assessments, trauma assessments, individual cognitive-behavioral therapy and group trauma therapy.

Education - we will provide your clients with comprehensive SafeCare© parenting classes and life skills classes (i.e financial competence, stress management, critical thinking, and personal crisis/safety plans).

Participatory Arts - we will provide your clients with scholarships to participate in community classes such as martial arts, yoga, and dance.

Documentation - we will provide monthly progress reports, detailed documentation for court, therapy notes and assessments, recommendations for panel reviews and family team meetings.

Criteria for mothers in our program:

  • Single Mom

  • Has at least one child between the ages of 0-6. Siblings may be of any age.

  • Has never had a substantiated/open child cruelty charge.

  • Has no violent criminal history.

  • We accept the following forms of Medicaid CMOs CareSource, PeachState, Amerigroup